Shrek Critique

SHREK Critique
So………..once upon a time in a Kingdom far, far away, I didn’t like it,….. I loved it! Shrek the Musical was a very interesting play that I’m sure you and your kids would love because of the singing and the funny, funny, funny jokes! One of the jokes were “If you don’t mind, I have to save my ass”- Shrek. Shrek was talking about his pet donkey, whose name is Donkey, which is why it was more funny cause it sounds like he actually means his own! There are also more jokes like this one as well and because so, it made the play more enjoyable.
But it’s not all about the humor, it’s also about the music which is why its a MUSICAL. All throughout the play (basically) there was fun musical singing that told a part of the story. Some of the songs were happy heart pumping but some were also very emotional.
The sounds and lighting was something I didn’t really make a big deal about but it’s not like it was bad.
The acting was exceptional as well. Donkey and Lord Farquaad were especially exceptional as they fought their way to perfection! I think that the whole play was trying to do the same because It pleased me and I’m very picky, especially with musicals!

Hey! Are you looking for a musical that isn’t a waste of time because the acting is HORRIBLE? Than come on down and see the best actors in town! Of course they’re not THE BEST but they’re pretty good because their from a High Shcool. I’ve seen many musicals in my life. Lets just say they are one of my most favourite things to do. Most of them have been from and I must say, this one was the best and like I said, I’m very picky.

Really glad I watched this show because the singing was really great! Singing and listening to singing is another one of my “good” habits. I know good singing and bad singing as I’m sure everyone does and I heard some great singing when I heard the Musical. If you need proof then I’ll give you some! A musical is about A LOT OF SINGING and so if it was bad and torchered me, I don’t think I would even dare to say it was good.

Everyone! Everyone! I know your excited and can’t wait to see it but theres more I have to tell you !! think that the sounds and lightings are good. There not bad but I just don’t know what could be the BEST. I really don’t think it matters anyway but still, these effects added on to the play can make it way better although I don’t think it needs anymore work! Like I said earlier, there are some sounds effects that cannot be achieved by humans so having sound effects are needed. The lights on the other hand I don’t think the same. The lights can really only make pretty colours and let us see the actors so theres nothing really special about the lights.
Killing yourself before or during this play would be madness because you would be missing out on a really awesome play! The music was great!, The acting was great!, and the sounds and lighting were good. Shrek the Musical was a good play! It was better than last years performance, thats for sure! In this wonderful play, you can look at an actor and say “Shouldn’t that person be in Hollywood acting like a boss the way she/he is now?”. It’s true!
As you all know, Shrek is a ogre so he’s very strong and can roar really loud and so in the musical, loud sounds are needed and loud sounds you get! You actually feel like you’re watching a real ogre.
Don’t even get me started on the music! Well actually let me because then I can tell you how amazing it was! In a play they is real people playing the music and I couldn’t hear any flaws at all! In the end, i think that Shrek the Musical was a great musical!



imageTwo brothers, Drake and Duke, were flying throughout the universe collecting stars to power their ship which then got hit by a comet and sent them down to earth.

imageThe two brothers survived but their ship sadly didn’t so they built a new one or at least tried to.

imageimageThe brothers stayed up all day and all night to finish their ship.

image imageimageimageThe two brothers created Star Gazer XL and flu across the galaxies with no troubles or fears at all.



week 8 activity 1

A good post should all ways have:

-Bright colourful pictures

-good descriptive words

-no spelling mistakes

I do not visit other peoples blogs but I still know what would catch my eye if I did:

-BIG, bold WORDS

-Eye catching pictures COLOURSDid this get your attention?

-Colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of COLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Challenge 7 activity 4

In my opinion,  I think that all the nine elements are important because if they all are keeping you safe in there own descriptive way then they should all be important to stop you from doing bad things. I don’t use the computers  or phones because I don’t own one. I have an ipad BUT I only play games on it so I do not need help on any of the nine elements.


Week 7 challenge 5

I would not be proud if my grandchildren saw the the dumb things I USED TO SEARCH on the web. but i have learned that everything you you do bad will come back at you and punch you in the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sarcasticly speaking…………….. I don’t really go in the internet any ways but whatever.




Challenge 7 activity 4

I like the first video better because its short and sweet but still shows a very good example of your digital foot print and how it can effect your life. Not that I have done anything bad in the first place on the computer recently, I now know that anything bad you do that is related to electronic can figure out anything you do so WATCH YOUR BACK!!!!!footprintThis is not a digital footprint but there was nothing else


Global climates

there are many global issues “globally” swarming our magnificent planet. Not all global climates are wanted to happen because their HORRIBLE in what they are and WHAT THEY DO!!!!!!! BUT sadly, weather and global climates can not be manipulated  by humans. Although most climates are from humans! like pollution can cause bad things to happen to our weather. Cutting down trees can pollute the air, effecting our weather. But taking care of our environment can lead to better global climates and better “global world”!!!

Traditional foods

I like candy and food and I’m sure everyone else does too. What’s your favourite food or candy? It could be chips, popcorn, chocolate, cotton candy, jelly beans, ice cream stake, wings, ribs, corn, even MASHED POTATOES. Well that’s got to be like the only thing you can think of when you hear the word CANDY or FOOD but I think just a bit more kinds of different foods and candy’s when I hear the word. There are so many different kinds of candy it makes my head explode! Each country has there own type of food and candy they enjoy and I have tried DUTCH CANDY before. Dutch is the language of Holland. My grandpa used to live there so because of his cultural foods and candies, I get to try some of his foods and candies from Holland. They have a lot to offer just like all the other places having lots to offer. So try other kinds of food and you will think of more!

images (1) Dutch candy                                                                                                                                                    Breakfast!Dutch food